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  1. Zordon was dressed in all white with sky blue hair. When Rita was released in , Zordon, with the help of his trusted assistant, Alpha 5, sought out five teenagers thus creating the first generation of Power Rangers. Each Power Ranger received a Power Coin - one of the five coins discovered by Zordon .
  2. What is the meaning of Zordon? How popular is the baby name Zordon? Learn the origin and popularity plus how to pronounce Zordon.
  3. Zordon of Eltar is the original mentor of the Power Rangers. He was sealed into an inter-dimensional time warp by Rita Repulsa, shortly before Rita herself became imprisoned in a space penviverexviserbotysbowlpimanri.xyzinfots [hide]1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers2. Power Rangers: Zeo3. Power Rangers: Turbo4. Power Rangers in SpaceMighty Morphin Power RangersThe first time we see Zordon, he tells Alpha 5 to call.
  4. Zordon's energy wave continued spreading across the universe including the Earth. It has affected on most of the villains - most were turned to dust like King Mondo and his Machine Empire, Divatox's Crew and most of Lord Zedd & Rita Repulsa's generals and army.
  5. Zordon's Energy Wave. Zordon's Energy Wave (or Z-Wave) is the very essence of the wizard, Zordon, created upon the destruction of his energy tube at the hands of Andros' Spiral penviverexviserbotysbowlpimanri.xyzinfo death of the character released a wave of good energy that purged the universe of the United Alliance of Evil, which had, at that point in the story, finally conquered the universe with the help of Dark.
  6. Zordon is the mentor figure of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. He is the vanguard of their powers and is responsible for sending them on missions to defeat the machinations of Rita Repulsa and later, Lord Zedd. Zordon was a legendary hero from the planet Eltar. A champion of good, he stood against Rita Repulsa, Lord Zedd, and many other villains in the universe. During his final battle with.
  7. Mar 18,  · Ever since Saban reworked Japanese action series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger into ’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Rangers and their incorporeal mentor Zordon have been a familiar part of pop penviverexviserbotysbowlpimanri.xyzinfo the decades, the Power Rangers have changed a number of times, shifting costumes, Zords, characters, and actors along the penviverexviserbotysbowlpimanri.xyzinfo, on the other hand, has remained .
  8. Zordon: 25 ships destroyed and 54 ships lost. ISK: b: 88, b: 2, ,; Ships: 1: , 5: 66, ,; Points.

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