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9 thoughts on “ No No No - The Maiyeros, The Instincts - The Loving Sandwich (Vinyl, LP)

  1. No No No (Lyric Video) She was a friend of a friend of mine I noticed her as she passed me by She didn’t even look me in the eye I tried to think of things to say Poured some wine but she looked away I didn’t even talk to her that night For a while I thought I stood a chance The way she smiled so sweet For a while I thought I had figured her out That we were meant to be.
  2. "VINYL" as in records - no wallpaper, contact paper or seat covers here. "SOUP" as in a mixture of a lot of different stuff. I hope my listings reflect my love of music and records, with interesting items presented with interesting information, useful or otherwise, and a modicum of humor. Speaking of useless information, did you know "vinyl" is derived from the Latin word for wine ("vinum")?
  3. of The Maiyeros and The Instincts split lp called The Loving Sandwich. This rare split album, The Maiyeros a cappella group from Connecticut on side 1 and The Instincts the amazing Garage Psychedilic band. The vinyl is NM- and sounds amazing, both sides! The sleeve is NM- .
  4. Nov 26,  · I'd like to see every classic rock LP that has been released since the LP resurgence, re-released via an ALL ANALOG process - completely absent of any digitization in the transfer from original master tape to vinyl (providing it hasn't already been reissued this way - such as Beatles mono LP's).
  5. JOHN MCINTOSH There ‘is’ no ‘I’ doing anything No ‘I’ hating No ‘I’ loving No ‘I’ judging No ‘I’ blessing No ‘I’ that is individual There ‘is’ only SELF. Nothing Real is ever ‘happening’. What ‘seems’ to be happening is only the play of manifested thoughts into .
  6. Sep 03,  · Last night we went grocery shopping. As we rounded the perimeter of the , square foot store we came to the deli counter. And we saw this culinary offering I know the term “food snob” applies to individuals who basically go to the nth degree to have utmost perfection in food selection and preparation. I may not be that person.
  7. submitted Johannes Brahms - Gioconda de Vito, Baldovino*, Schwarz* - Doppelkonzert In A-Moll Op. für Violine, Violoncello und Orchester. over 3 years ago.
  8. Say 'no homo' so he knows the deal (no homo) Hey yo man you got a fresh style (no homo) And you know you got the best smile (no homo) Your girlfriend is a lucky lady (no homo) But your looks would make a handsome baby (no homo) I like the way your shoulders fill out that shirt (no homo) It's hard to pull off but you make it work (no homo).
  9. These Hoes ain't got no manners, These Hoes ain't got no manners These Hoes ain't got no manners, These Hoes ain't got no manners [Verse 1 - K Camp:] I got these hoes, I ain't talking bout shit Steady creeping round in another nigga vip Tryna' fuck for a bag that's it, I said these hoes Be the same ones on instagram, think they they running things.

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